In God's Love


 In the name of the Father and the Son 

and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The Passages in these books contain wisdom, truth, knowledge, challenges and most importantly love.  if you are deciding which book to purchase, the chart below is presented to help you   Click the book or title below the book to go to the publisher Xlibris to purchase the book.

 In God's Love

                            (all 532 Passages )

Cost $ 23.99 

Xlibris Publishing Trade Paperback

Cost $ 9.99 Xlibris Publishing eBook 

Ordering elsewhere using ISBN may help you find it.

ISBN 978-1-4500-2688-8

* Index: A complete index that is very helpful for location of a desired passage and for study. 

769 pages 6 x 9 (100 Index)

 There is no substitute for owning the complete collection of the Passages of In God's Love and reading them in the order that they were presented.

* Preface 25 Questions answered with 180 Passage quotes

 * 532 Passages  This book contains all the Passages given to Jenet Hurlow in the order they were given.

 * Endnotes: 125 Endnotes pointing out some observations, possible alternative phrasings and some difficulties of the text.  These are noted by a "~" in the Passages.  Selections from In God's Love contain the "~" but no Endnotes.


 Selections from In Gods Love

(60 Passages) 

Cost $ 15.99
Xlibris Publishing Trade Paperback
Ordering elsewhere using ISBN may help you find it
ISBN 978-1-4415-3801-7

 While there is no substitute for owning the complete collection of all the Passages, Selections from In God's Love will be appreciated by the casual, or time pressured reader and it is easier on the budget. 

* Preface 24 Questions answered with 73 Passage quotes

* 60 Passages (Noted in bold and blue in the titles pages on this site.)  These passages are not condensed.  They are complete and identical to the passages in In God's Love.

 * 107 pages 6 x 9 

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