In God's Love

TITLES 1 - 220

 In the name of the Father and the Son

and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The titles of the passages often quote a line from the passage they introduce.  Many are like a little proverb.  One can gain some wisdom reading just browsing the title.  Here are some examples:

#   5  Use Prayer With Each Undertaking
# 10  Nothing Soothes and Takes Away Fear as Complete Trust in God's Spirit
# 309  Tell God All About Everything

One can gain an appreciation of the depth and scope of  In God's Love just by browsing through the all 532 titles of the passages which appear in the book. 

If the title is in bold then it is also contained in the book Selections from In God's Love.

If the title is in blue and underlined it is contained in both books and also is available as a free passage on this website.  Click the title to go to the passage. 

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#   1  Start in the Blessed Trinity
#   2 God Sings a Virtuous Song in the Very Spirits Who Seek His Love
#   3  Chosen Are You Who Accept God's Love in All Your Ways While You Wait
#   4  Time, Spirit of Special Beauty, Is On Her Way Out
#   5  Use Prayer With Each Undertaking
#   6  Ask God If He Will Set the Earth on a Right Standing
#   7  You Are Righteous
#   8  The Time Has Come to Use Your Gifts
#   9  Peace: Man Has Shut Her Out While Craving Her Spirit
# 10  Nothing Soothes and Takes Away Fear as Complete Trust in God's Spirit
# 11  You Cannot Love Without Such Spirit
# 12  Before Dawn, Start Each Blessed Day in God's Love, For It Is a Sweet and Sacred Time When  
No Sorrow ShalL Reach You

# 13  You Who Place God Above Earth's Gifts  Shall Come to Enjoy All Things in Peace
# 14  Come, Little Children, Enjoy Life in God's Spirit.
# 15  God's Little Ones Shall Be Called Earth's Blessed, Righteous Dwellers

# 16  Peace and Rest are in Inspirational Beauty.
# 17  Sound the Good News This Earth Is Soon to See God in All His Splendor
# 18  Come, Mercy
# 19  Very Spirits of Earth, Sign Your Name in God's Love
# 20  You Are in for Such a Surprise
# 21  While You Wait, Much Suffering Is Relieved by Your Words to God
# 22  When You Keep in God's Favor, Nothing Can Make Your Heart Bitter or Sad
# 23  In All God's Children  Is This Desire to Comfort and Heal
# 24  Soon, You Blessed Saints Arrive So Very Holy With Christ in Your Spirits
# 25  Seek Virtue
# 26  Spirits of Earth, Instruct and Restore
# 27  God Puts a Special Blessing in the Hearts of Those Earth Children Who Rise to the Glory of the Day 
With Such Songs of Praise

# 28  God Knows You and Understands
# 29  Virtue, She Speaks Only in God's Love,Speak to Her and Make Her Welcome
# 30  Such Beauty Comes to Those  Who Spend Their Time Serving God
# 31  You Who Seek God Are Children of the King
# 32  
Teach Your Children of God
# 33  Seen Are the Glories of God, and Gone Are the Vices of the Dark Past
# 34  Righteous Spirit in Earth's Inspirational Beauty
# 35  Kindness  
# 36 
Keep on Speaking to Your Father, You Call God, Each Word He Cherishes
# 37  Earth Is Like a Mother Who Has Grown Old
# 38  While You Meditate, Pray and Ask God  to Help You Understand

# 39  Now, in All Your Sorrow, Is a Very Spirit Who Cares About You, Who Comforts and Waits On You Who Are Small and Needy as All Earth Children Are

# 40  If the Mind Is Filled With Good Desires, Where Is There Room for the Bad Thing?
# 41  God Is a Very Pleasant Spirit in All Ways
# 42  In God's Love, Rise, O Children of the Cross
# 43  Call Him Father, and He Shall Say, “My Child You Are”
# 44  
Earth Is a Small Jewel in the Father's Setting
# 45  Why Are Some So Wise and Others So Foolish?
# 46  Come, God's Arms Are Reaching Out in Such a Blessed, Very Gentle Way
# 47  Sweet Are the Songs of Those Who Make Their Work a Blessed Song to God
# 48  Litany of a Wondrous, Wonderful God
# 49  
This Is More Wisdom Than All That Is Taught: Pray, For Kindness Is in Speaking to the Ones You Love
# 50  O Songs of the Saints, Bless With the Freshness of the Morning Dew  

# 51
 Live With God, Not Around Him
# 52 Saints, Come, Bathe Your Souls in the Light of God's Love
# 53  Peace
# 54  God Sends a Saint
# 55  Send Roses of Kindness to Sad Earth
# 56  A Kind, Virtuous Spirit
# 57  Why Settle For Less?
# 58 Blessed Are You Who Have Heeded the Call
# 59  Virtue Is the Key
# 60  Blessed God Is Pleading With You
# 61 Man Has Not Pleased God
# 62  Righteous God Sends in Another Chance  For Man to Return to Him
# 63  Come, Be Wise
# 64  Come, Rest Your Weary Souls in God's Love
# 65  Children, Spirits of God, This Is the Very Reason You Are
# 66  In Your Sorrow, Call to Him
# 67  Very Secrets, Such as Man Has Never Known, Are Revealed to the Little Ones of God
# 68  Spirits of God, Bless in Such Sorrow
# 69  God Reaches Blessedly For His Sad, Little Ones Who Seek Not God's Spirit

# 70  Spirits of God's Beautiful Spirit, This Blessed Spirit Is Yours, So Make It So
# 71  An Earth Spirit's Blessing
# 72  Children of the Cross, Come See Peace
# 73  Seek God While You Can
# 74  Who Can See, Let Him See, and He Who Can Hear, Let Him Hear, 
and Pity the Souls Who Turn Their Backs to These Words

# 75  Righteous Ways Shall Bless This Time, and Unrighteous Ways Shall Curse This Time
# 76  You Who Have Accepted God’s Gifts Shall See Such Satisfaction In Your Accepting
# 77  Kindness Is God's Special Saint
# 78  Rest and Peace Are for God's Blessed Who Accepted His Spirit

# 79  Such a Flow of Grace Fills the Souls of Those Who Keep God's Rules
# 80  Who Are God's Children, and Whom Does God Protect Under His Loving Care?
# 81  God Is in This Earth and in the Spirit of Many Who Accept His Love
# 82  In God’s Love, Speak of the Needs of the Spirit,and Speak of the Body's Needs
# 83  Please Speak of Your Troubles
# 84  Saints Are in God's Spirit Only Because of the Love They Have Shown God in Earth's Toil
# 85  Blessed Are You Who Read and See in an Understanding Nature
# 86  This Is the Great Message, the First and the Last
# 87  The Sins of Man Have Destroyed the Earth
# 88  Such Wisdom in God’s Love
# 89  This Is the Great Message
# 90  This Message Is Sent in God's Love
# 91  This Is Inscribed: “Earth Is in Her Calling”
# 92  Your Light Shall Shine Among Men, and Your Light Shall be Brighter Than the Sun
# 93  Blessed Is the Spirit Whom God Sees Holy When He Calls

# 94  God Is Our King, and We Come in His Love to Spirits of Earth
# 95  Come, O Wondrous Spirit, With Beauty Unsurpassed, Fill This Lonely Heart of Mine With the Blessings of Your Love
# 96  Kindness Is a Gift From the Holy Spirit
# 97  The Wise Shall Seek God, and  He Shall Be Their God, and They Shall Be His People
# 98  Turn His Anger Away While You Can
# 99  
This Is Very Interesting, O People of Earth. Made Are the Plans of Earth.  Made Are the Plans of God.  And Whose Plans Do You Think Shall Prevail?

# 100  Turn Your Faces, Very Spirits, Back to Our Father's  Holy Love
# 101  Soon, Blessed Spirits, Many Signs Shall Come
# 102 Sing, O Saints, Through Blinding Tears, Children of the Cross, Christ Calls You In
# 103  Soon, God Sends You a Saint of Such Blessedness
# 104  God Shall Take in His Saints and Leave Man as He Wishes, Without a God, This Is Your Last Chance
# 105  Taking in God's Children
# 106  Never Pass an Opportunity to Be Kind
# 107  Blessed Are You in the Lamb Which Shed His Blood That You Might Be Worthy to Proclaim His Great Mysteries
# 108  Care You Must Because It Is Time and Past Time to Care
# 109  Your Infinite Beauty and Stately Ways, Such Beauty Is in Woman
# 110  Such Pardon Shall Be Made in Those Who Are Kind
# 111  Your Song Is Sung. Was It a Blessed Song?
# 112  In the Tears of the Saints Were Many Healed
# 113  Make Understanding Welcome. She Is Pleasing and Fills Such Saints of God  With Much Peace
# 114  Such Peace and Rest Is in Store for Those  Who Bleed With Christ On the Cross
# 115  Righteous, Loyal and True Is This Army of Christ Sent Forth From All God's Creations

# 116  Blessed Army of Saints
# 117  Earth, You Mourn Because Your Children Have Turned Against You and Your Creator
# 118  Out in Distant Worlds, You Are Known
# 119  These Messages Are Sent in God's Spirit to Gather in the Saints for This Last, Great Battle of Love
# 120  God Has Given Rules for Each Time
# 121  The Promise of Great Wealth and Power Are Satan's Games
# 122  Sodom Is a Sad Situation Invented by Satan as An Outward Insult to God and His Creation
# 123  You Who Are Wise, Soon Rise in God's Spirit, But All You Foolish, See Satan's Sad, Dark World
# 124  Close Is the Day When Children Understand  
# 125  There Is Only One God, and He Is a Just God 
# 126  Make Your Spirit a Blessed Sanctuary
# 127  God Shall Give You Himself, or Satan Will Abandon You. Choose
# 128  Righteous Saints Who Are in God's Love, Rest
# 129  Always Stay Under God's Most Kind, Merciful Shelter
# 130  Each Singing Message Is Sent in God's Love
# 131  Rejoice. You Who Are in Christ Shall Not See Such Sorrow, But You Who Are Not in God's Spirit Shall Not Escape Such Sorrow in This Time of Times
# 132  Real Is Our Concern, Real and True
# 133  Enemies of God See No Rest
# 134  A Little Child Shall Lead You in This Strange Time
# 135  God Is Such a Spirit Who Plays With Little Children
# 136  
Blessed Are the Hands That Molded You Out of the Dust of the Earth
# 137  Bless This Saint Who Comes in God's Loving Spirit
# 138  God Is the Answer
# 139  Earth Is Sent a Saint in Such Inspiration,  Blessed Is This Child
# 140  Inspirational Bliss Sings in Such Soft, Lovely Tones
# 141  God's Spirit Set Time On the Earth and Spoke of Her as Sacred,  But, Soon, She Returns to God
# 142  Sweet, Little Saints, in All Precious Things, You Are the Most Pleasing to God

# 143  Blessed Saints of Special Quality Are God's Saints  Who Are of Another Creation
# 144  Soon, All Earth Children Shall See Such Wonders in God's Spirit
# 145  Many Shall God Take in, to Spare Them What Is to Come on Earth
# 146  The Time of Justice Rises Up
# 147  Sent Are the Gifts From Heaven to All God's Blessed On the Earth
# 148  He Gives You Everything You Crave
# 149  Is It Not Better to Receive Correction From Such a Loving Father?

# 150  Such Comfort Comes in the Days to Come
# 151  
In This Book Are All Merits and All Vice Recorded. Start a Book of Merit.
# 152    Each Sacred Song Is Blessed in Heaven
# 153    Litany of the Holy Spirit

# 154    In God's Spirit, Reached Are the Spirits of Saints

# 155  You Who Are in God, Pray That Those Whom You Love On the Earth Shall Turn Their Faces to God and Come With You

# 156  God Our Father, Our Mother, Brother and Sister  in All Our Heart's Desire, Teach Us to Understand There Is No Other Love Compared to Our God

# 157  This Battle Is in God's Own Spirit  for All Good and Home
# 158  Why Are You So Wise While Others Are So Foolish?
# 159  A Love Song Ended in Such Tragedy
# 160  Blessed Are the Saints Who Are Prepared to Take This Journey
# 161  Earth Was a Jewel in the Father's Setting, and Now She Is Finished
# 162  Wise and Valiant Christians Start the March to God.They Were Not Afraid to Die for Love of the Lamb Who is Christ Jesus, God the Son

# 163  Children of God, You Are Called in Very Swiftly
# 164  
Earth, God Will Make You New Again, and Your Children Shall Not Betray You
# 165  O Earth
# 166  When God Speaks, All Creation Listens
# 167  God Is Enough
# 168  Wisdom Is a Spirit of God's Spirit
# 169  Kind and Comforting Is the Spirit of This Book, for God's Spirit Is in Every Word
# 170  All There Is Left Is God, and This Is Enough
# 171  Father, Bless This Earth to Save It
# 172  
Would You Drink From Such a Bitter Chalice When the Sweet Wine Is Passed?
# 173  Kind Spirits Who Are in God's Blessings  Do Not See the Day of Such Sorrow
# 174  These Are the Spirits of God's Other Creations  Who Sing This Last Tribute  to Earth and Her Saints
# 175  In Your Every Need, Speak So Softly to Your God, for His Ears Are Sensitive to the Voices of His Earth Children.
# 176  In All God’s Creations Is the Life of Everything  
# 177  Seen Are the Ways of Man, Rem and Sirts
# 178  The Unfolding of Nature Is in God's Very Spirit
# 179  God’s Love Is in The Sun's Spirit  
# 180  Soon, in Such Beauty, a Blessing is Sent to Each Saint
# 181  Come and See What God Has Done, for He Is the Creator of Homes
# 182  True Beauty as Seen Nowhere Else in God's Creation  
# 183  Eternal Rest Is Wisdom's Child, and Eternal Death Is Life Without God's Love
# 184  Only the Father Knows the Day and the Hour
# 185  Virtue's Song
# 186  This Is a Time to Reach Out to the Stars
# 187  Wise Is the Man Who Begins His Song in God's Spirit
# 188  Songs Sung By the Holy Spirit
# 189  Earth Sings a Very Sorrowful Song  
# 190  This Is Hope of Things to Come
# 191  See a Time of the Blessed

# 192  Soon, You Shall Be Introduced as Saints From Earth
# 193  This Is Man's World, and He Has a Right to Know What's Happening
# 194  God's Love Is Reaching Out
# 195  Soon, You Will Be Reaching Out to Worlds in God's Spirit
# 196  So Kind and Sacred Are the Saints of Our World

# 197  Our Messages Are From the Most High God Whose Spirit No One Questions
# 198  Father Is His Title
# 199  Yes, We Grieve, and All Creation Mourns the Loss of Your Home

# 200  In Rem Are the Ways of Rem,  In Man Are the Ways of Man
# 201
 Oh Sacred Heart of Jesus, Oh, Pure Are the Scars
# 202  Wisdom Beyond Wise Solomon Is Given in These Books
# 203  Be Ever in the Flow of Life
# 204  
Man’s Judgment Is Born Within Himself
# 205  Each Spirit Who Accepts God's Spirit Is a True Citizen of Heaven and Earth
# 206  In Such Misery Are Such Sweet Songs of Life
# 207  
# 208  Come, Sing a Song of Sorrow
# 209  King Is Our God Without Limits
# 210  Signs of Life
# 211  Oh, Signs of Signs on the Earth
# 212  Heaven Calls Your Name, Sisters and Brothers of Christ
# 213  In Sorrow, Come Quickly, for Swiftly Comes God's Justice
# 214  Sorrow Is a Saint of God, for She Brings in Sinners 
# 215  Earth Is God's, and All Who Dwell On the Earth Shall Bless God
# 216  In God's Spirit, Wisdom Is God's Spiritual Mediator
# 217  All the Joys of Life Are in God's Spirit
# 218  Stop At My Door, All You Who Are Hot and Weary
# 219  Swift and Gentle Is God's Heart
# 220  This Spiritual Inspiration Is Soon, Earth Saints


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