In God's Love

 MORE TITLES 221 - 532

 In the name of the Father and the Son

and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

 The titles of the passages often quote a line from the passage they introduce.  Many are like a little proverb.  One can gain some wisdom reading just browsing the title.  Here are some examples:

#   5  Use Prayer With Each Undertaking
# 10  Nothing Soothes and Takes Away Fear as Complete Trust in God's Spirit
# 309  Tell God All About Everything

One can gain an appreciation of the depth and scope of  In God's Love just by browsing through the all 532 titles of the passages which appear in the book. 

If the title is in bold then it is also contained in the book Selections from In God's Love.

If the title is in blue and underlined it is contained in both books and also is available as a free passage on this website.  Click the title to go to the passage. 

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# 221  Sort and Choose on Earth  
# 222  Sorrow Brings in Many                                   
# 223  Shall We Go Down On the Earth  and Speak to This Creation? 
# 224  
This Lowly Woman Shall Write
# 225  The Beginning and the End
# 226  Some Spirits Are Foolish. They Will Never Understand
# 227  Take Is the First Woe
# 228  The Small Ones Shall See Glory in Christ's Coming
# 229  The Second Sorrow Is the Wish for Death
# 230  Our World Welcomes You in This Spiritual Coming
# 231  This Is a War, and in the War Are Two Sides
# 232  Earth Spirit Shall Go Where His Spirit Sends Her
# 233  Victory for Those Who Saw Wisdom in the First Woe and Accepted Her
# 234  In Such Beauty, Rise Up in God's Spirit

# 235  Chosen Ones Whose Flesh Returns
# 236  See Such Bodies of Creation as Planets Come in Very Close
# 237  The Third Sorrow Is Satan’s Sorrow
# 238  The Coming of the Fourth Sorrow
# 239  The Fourth Sorrow Is a Living Death
# 240  In the Fifth Sorrow, Satan Plans Painful Death
# 241  Sadness Is Inscribed in Our Hearts, for Those Whom Satan Has Destroyed Were in God's Love
# 242  The Sixth Sorrow
# 243  This Is the Great Day of Judgment 

# 244  
This is a New Heaven and a New Earth
# 245  This Is the Song of Songs in the Last Days of Earth
# 246  On Earth Is This Song Written
# 247  Sing Your Song On the Earth in God's Spirit
# 248
 In the Blood of the Lamb
# 249  Virtue       

# 250  Earth Starts in All Spirits and Remains in the Spirits of God
# 251  In God's Spirit Is Earth in Heaven and Heaven in Earth
# 252   Kindness Is All We Know
# 253  In This Spirit Is the Whole Unity of Things That Are Made
# 254  This Is Why This Book Is Written
# 255  This Is God's Canticle to the Earth
# 256  This Is Earth's Inspirational Rising to God
# 257  Come Into God's Creation
# 258  Time Sang a Splendid Song
# 259  Such Little Ones Who See No Comforts on Earth Except in the Spirit of God
# 260  Our Spirits Sing in Pure Love
# 261  God is a Pleasant Being Whose Spirit is Music and Laughter
# 262  In This Song Is Sent Kindness in Soft, Gentle Waves
# 263  In God Is Music and Laughter
# 264  King Is Christ, Our God
# 265  
This Most Wicked Sinner Whom No Man, in His Pain, Could Forgive, Cried Out to God, and Mercy Bore His Spirit Up to God Forever
# 266  Oh, If Only All the Earth Could Understand This Love
# 267  Truth and Common Sense in All Your Undertakings
# 268  God's Own, Dear Heroes
# 269  Blessed Is the Lamb That Bled and Died for Mankind
# 270  This Is Our Way of Saying, “Well Done, O Blessed Ones of God”
# 271  Our Mission
# 272  This Is the Way to God
# 273  This Is the Prayer of the Saints
# 274  Take Wings on Earth and Sing to All Men a New Song That No Man Has Heard Before
# 275  This Is Our God Who Listens

# 276  Such a God Who Bled and Died for Small Earth Creatures
# 277  In This Spirit Is All That Man Craves
# 278  Sweet Vessels, Open Your Eyes and See God
# 279  O Foolish Children Who Say, “God's Plans Are a Limitation,” and, “No Limits Are in Our God,”  Then Put a Limit to His Creation
# 280  Come, Sweet Spirit of God, Fill the Earth With Your Love
# 281  God Is the Author of Pure Thoughts
# 282  It Is the Song of the Saints of Earth That Shall Touch Hard Hearts
# 283  Come, Sweet Spirits of God, Bless in Wisdom's Song
# 284  It Is Wise to Come to God in This Sorrow
# 285  
Rich in Blessing Are the Kind of Heart
# 286  It Is the Desire of Man to Take This Way in the Journey Called, “Earth”
# 287  
We Are the People From the Stars
# 288  Our Message Is Kindness Sent in Songs of Rest
# 289  
It Is Our Prayer That You Will Understand This  
# 290  Come, Drink From This Fountain, All You Who Desire Christ's Blessings
# 291  In Return for Love Is Love
# 292  All Who Have Beheld the Face of God Shine in His Glory
# 293  Listen to Wisdom
# 294  To Be Clean of Body and Spirit, Seek God, Not Silver
# 295  
Is This Message Truth?
# 296  Signs of Signs
# 297  Wisdom's Song Takes Wings
# 298  I Only Wish to Be Loved in Return
# 299  We Are Coming to Live in Your World

# 300  Songs of God Fill Your Spirit With Inspirational Music
# 301  Come to God, Reach Out, Pray and Seek His Spirit
# 302  Wonder and Mystery Are Taught in Our Message
# 303  In This Wisdom Is the First Commandment: Serve God, and Him Only Serve
# 304  
All These Things Man Desires, Take It
# 305  Signs of Such Joy Are on Earth When Mankind Shares God's Blessings
# 306  Soon, Earth Is Sent a Saint
# 307   Why Do You worry?
# 308  Like a Gentle Rain On Parched, Thirsty Grass Is This Wisdom in the Spirits of Man
# 309  
Tell God All About Everything
# 310  Kindness Is Soon to Inspire the Earth
# 311  God Is the Spiritual Comfort Man Desires
# 312  Inscribe Your Names in God's Spirit and Be Among His Beloved Saints
# 313  God Is Taking His Own Wise Ones of Earth
# 314  In God's Spirit Is the Answer to All Things
# 315  Will Our Intelligence Be of Use to Men of Earth?
# 316 Mankind Shall Know Wisdom, Life and the Mysteries of the Universe, but Only Those Saints of Earth  Who Have Held God's Spirit

# 317  Virtue Is Not Weakness
# 318  Beloved of Earth, Understand What We Are Sending Is What Man Desires
# 319  Earth Saints Come Marching and Praising God With Hymns of Praise
# 320  You Are Called Wise Saints, Blessed Children of God, Inspirational Music of Earth
# 321  Warning
# 322  The Harvest Is Near

# 323  Signs of Life Are in the Heavens Beyond Your Sun, and There Is a Creator Who Is Your God
# 324  Virtue Sends Saints of Earth Her Special Blessings
# 325  Stay in God's Care
# 326  Wisdom’s Song
# 327  Wisdom Soothes and Protects Her Children With Her Warm, Soft Feathers          
# 328  It Is Your Courage and Patience That Inspires the Earth
# 329  Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Teach Your Blessed Virtues
# 330  
Saints of God Are a Source of Life in Creation
# 331  O, Such Instructions Are Sent Out to Earth in This Sign of Signs
# 332  It Is Finished On Earth
# 333  You Are Being Moved
# 334  Blessed
# 335  God Radiates His Spirit Through the Spirits of His Saints
# 336  To See God Is Life, and to Live Is to See God
# 337  Send Out Sweet Notes So Lovely That Many Shall Stop and Listen
# 338  Become God's Vessels
# 339  Very Close Are You to Vast
# 340  Rising Up Is This Blessed “Go”
# 341  Spirits, Songs of the Saints Salute You
# 342  On Earth, Virtue Is More Precious Than Any Treasure Found
# 343  In the Time Upon the Earth, Beings Live  With God's love
# 344  Become Saints
# 345  Be Kind
# 346  Only One God, and This Is the Only Creator of All Things
# 347  On Earth, This Is the Turn of Creation
# 348  
The Very Sorrows of Earth Are the Cause of Your Joys in Worlds to Come
# 349  Visitors Sent in God's Spirit, Cast Your Nets Upon the Earth

# 350  The Harvest
# 351  Beings of Seven Worlds Welcome You
# 352  You Are Brought With Tender Care
# 353  
Why Is Sorrow in God's Plans?
# 354  God Is Our Sender, and No Man of Creation Stops His Spirit
# 355  Rise Up, Put on Cloths of Splendor Sent from God's Spirit
# 356  O, What a Gift and What a Treasure You Have Found
# 357  This Is Our Prayer
# 358  God Is Pleased With Those Who Come Back and Resolve to Sin no More

# 359  Beloved of God's Spirit, Inscribed Is Your Name in Heaven
# 360  In God Is All Beauty, All Peace and All Inspiration
# 361  Are You Ready to Receive Visitors?
# 362  Bring Your Righteous Deeds and Show Them to All Who Have Ever Lived
# 363  You Are Called the Last Saints
# 364  Sing in Our Hearts, Virtuous Son Father and Holy Spirit One
# 365  God Is Worth Your Patience
# 366  Blessings Come Swiftly in Spirits Who Desire Them
# 367  Such as You Choose Is Your Reward
# 368   Would You Pass Up This Beautiful Land for Earth’s Sorrow and Nothingness?
# 369  God's Comfort Came Many Times When You Were Ill
# 370  
You Have Such a Playful Father
# 371  Blessed Saints of Earth, Our World Greets You in the Blessed Trinity
# 372  Blessed Is This Book, for It Is Sent From God's Heart
# 373  It Is a Blessed Ship That Comes
# 374  Pray and Understand That God Is Your Father
# 375  God Is Such a Spiritual Creator, Blessed and True
# 376  Come Up Here, Little Ones, You Are the Least, But, Soon, You Shall Be Among the Most
# 377  The Spirits of Saints Ask, and It Shall Be Given

# 378  The Crucifix Is the Symbol of Christ's Victory, Which Is Peace for All Mankind
# 379  
God Is Young, and His Youth Is Forever
# 380  Would You Keep Such Comfort to Yourself?
# 381  
This Is the Most Serious Message in This Book
# 382  Books of Kindness
# 383 Take Your Birthright
# 384 Spirits Who Are Struggling Against Satan's Wrath
# 385  God's Creatures Are Created in Music 
# 386  Sons of Man, Behold Your God
# 387  Sins Are Forgiven in Those Who Arrive in God's Spirit
# 388  God's Love Created Man
# 389  Earth Children, Spirit of Earth, Seen Forever
# 390  Start a Love Song
# 391  Bring Your Spirits in Communion With Christ Jesus
# 392  Start a Love Song and Make It Grow and Grow Until God Calls Your Love Song to Himself
# 393  God Is Singing a Love Song, and All Creation Sings With Him
# 394  Where Kindness Dwells, All Selfishness Is Cast Out
# 395  All Are Sisters and Brothers In Christ's Church
# 396  In Christ Jesus, Start Your Love Song
# 397  To Rest and Heal Is the Father's Desire
# 398  God Is Your Destination
# 399  A Creator Fashions His Beings and Speaks In Each One. 
# 400  God Hears

# 401  Pride Has No Room In This Chosen Race of Earth Children
# 402  Fear of Death Is a Phantom of a Child's Dream, for It Is Soon Past and Smiled At
# 403  Heaven Is Like…
# 404  Heaven Is a Spiritual Song Sung in Living Spirits
# 405  Receive Life More Abundantly
# 406  God Takes Those Who See With Clean Spirits
# 407  Welcome, Earth
# 408  Earth Shall Stay in Her Children Forever, for This Is the Way Man Was Created
# 409  There Is an Evil on the Earth
# 410  
You Are Right to Seek Earth's Pleasures, But Seek No Pleasure Above God
# 411  Bless Us, O Lord
# 412  When I Called to God, He Answered Me
# 413  Holy Spirit, From Your Spirit Are Spirits Created
# 414  You See as Your Beautiful Spirit Whispers From Within Your Being
# 415  God's Spirit Is the Source of Love   
# 416  In God Are All Things
# 417  
Books Are Given as Gifts to Earth 
# 418  
Have You Signed Up on Our Lay-Away Plan?
# 419  
This Very Inscription Comes From the Spirit of God 
# 420  Truth Comes From God
# 421  Time Comes From God, and We are Celebrating Her Today
# 422  God Is With You When You Forgive
# 423  God Does Not Send Punishment

             on Mankind

# 424  Earth Music Comes From God's Spirit
# 425  Enjoy Making Other People Happy 
# 426  God is Easy to Talk To 
# 427  God Is in This Blessed World of Your Tomorrow, Real and True  
# 428  All Those Who Love God and Each Other, Come 
# 429  False Accusations Are a Much Used Tool of the Evil One
# 430 Time Has Spent Her Days On the Earth 
# 431  The Wisdom of God is God's Sweet, Teaching Spirit      
# 432  
Come, Rest in Your New Way of Thinking
# 433  
God Is as Gentle as a Soft Flower Petal
# 434  The Parable of a Loved Child
# 435  
All Love Comes From God 
# 436  Take Up Your Cross and Follow Christ 
# 437  
God's Nature
# 438  God Can Make That Moment of Perfect Bliss Last Forever
# 439  Very Much Is God's Spirit Grieved When He Loses a Dear Soul 
# 440  Blessed Day
# 441  We Will Teach You a Sacred Song in the Sanctuary of Your Heart
# 442  We Want Every Being on the Earth to Be Accepted Into God's Kingdom
# 443  Sons and Daughters of Earth, Treat This Message Seriously     

# 444  With Love, Take Up Your Cross 
# 445  
Book of True Value Is Sent to Earth With Our Love 
# 446  Those Who Are Serving Others on the Earth Are Content and Happy
# 447  Take God's Spirit, Small Earth Children
# 448  Take His Hand
# 449  A Mighty Army Coming to Defend Earth Saints

# 450  Come
# 451  This Is Wisdom Sent to Earth in a Dangerous Time
# 452  On Earth, Someone Is Singing a Song to God
# 453 Songs Sung in God’s Spirit Are Songs Sung With Everlasting Beauty
# 454  
Make Your Decision
# 455  If I Could Have Told Them Before It Was Too Late
# 456  
God Is Ready to Forgive the Most Unworthy and Wicked Sinners
# 457  Sing, Little Shepherd Girl
# 458  Flower of God’s Spirit Blooms in Your Soul
# 459  Do You Want to Be Among the Blessed?
# 460  What a Wonderful Day Has Come
# 461  He Is Pleased With His Own, Dear Children
# 462  What He Has Given You Is Yourself
# 463  We Are Wise Children Who Wait On Our God
# 464  This Is Your Heritage
# 465  
He Chose You Because He Wanted You
# 466  They Have Been Chosen to Hear the Creator
# 467  Come to the Feast, the Master Calls
# 468  God, Who Chooses to Love
# 469  This Is What It's All About
# 470  
Those Who Come to Heaven Are Like a Mother Holding Her Newborn
# 471  You Have a Place Reserved for You At the Table
# 472  Dear One, He Is With You, and You Are His Child
# 473  God’s Spirit Is Dwelling Here
# 474  We Are Messengers, and This Is the Reason We Are Here
# 475  
The Sinner Is Loved Equally as the Saint Is Loved
# 476  Love Must Mingle With Love
# 477  
The Parable of the Lost Driver
# 478  “On Earth as It Is in Heaven”
# 479  God's Spirit Is Somewhat Like the Wind
# 480  
We Are Trying to Inspire You to Seek a Better Way
# 481  God Has a Better Way
# 482 
Death Is Being Released From the Clutches of Evil and Passing Into a New Life 
# 483  Our Sign of Victory Is in Our Faces
# 484  Our Gift, Sent to Mankind, Is Given With God’s Blessing
# 485  It Was No Accident That You Were You
# 486  The Parable of the Happy, Little Boy
# 487  God Made Mankind and Woke His Creation Up
# 488  Earth People, Live as Jesus Taught You to Live
# 489  His Spirit Sings With Life and Sacred Inspiration
# 490  To Have a Moment of Heaven’s Preview
# 491  This Is a God Who Honored You and Made You Human
# 492  
Heaven and Hell
# 493  In This Inspiring Music, the Glory of God Touches the Soul
# 494  Earth Was Nothing Compared to This
# 495  Walk With Great Joy, for His Love Is Shining In Your Faces
# 496  All Prayer Is Answered
# 497  Dear Ones In Christ Jesus
# 498  Give Us This Day
# 499  When Someone Has a Gift, It Is Wise to Take It

# 500  It Is Time
# 501  He Has Only Given Earth a Touch of His Beauty
# 502  
You Have Arrived Home
# 503  You Shall Do Very Well
# 504 True Peace
# 505  Many People Have Asked God, “What Is the Truth?”
# 506
 Go Out Among the Needy and Be One in Spirit as Jesus Did
# 507  Trust Him
# 508  
Speak to God, Ask Him Whatever You Desire
# 509  Everything of Value Lost Is Returned to Its True Value
# 510  Come Onto These Everlasting Hills
# 511  Spirits of Earth, Reach Out and Claim Your Prize
# 512  People Who Come to God and Serve Him Well Are Wise
# 513  Sing a Love Song to Your Creator
# 514  Blessings Are Upon Those Who Are in God's Spirit
# 515  Songs of the Joy of Life and Sadness of Earth    
# 516  The Time Has Come to Understand
# 517  This Is Your Father's Estate, and You Belong Here
# 518  God Loves Each and Every Person on the Earth
# 519  When All Else Fails, Trust in God. He Understands
# 520  He Calls You, “Friend”
# 521  The Very Heart and Soul of Mankind Was Made by God
# 522  This Is All God's Territory
# 523  With Wisdom and Love, We Come to Instruct the Blind
# 524  Where Does God Dwell?
# 525  Gifts of Great Joy Are Waiting for Those Who Let God Enter In
# 526  The Singer Became Soiled and Bitter
# 527  His Love Shall Rule the Earth
# 528  Soon, Your Father Shall Call Your Name
# 529  Pray for One Another
# 530  Preparing for Battle
# 531  Musicians Are Playing for the King
# 532  We Hope You Are Inspired From the Pages of This Book

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