In God's Love

Question 27: How does In God's Love written by Janet Hurlow relate to the Catholic Faith?

          I wrote In God's Love and I am Catholic therefore this question concerns me.  This question may not concern you and that is OK.  You may have strong feelings against the Catholic Church and I would ask you to look at In God's Love with an open mind and probably not bother with this question.  You may have strong feelings for the Catholic Church and therefore this question may concern you too.

           I do not believe In God's Love contradicts the Catholic faith, but I am not a Theologian.  The messengers believe in one God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit and they believe in Jesus Christ and His death and resurrection.  The messengers also believe that God created everything and that there is a heaven and a hell.  These are things that Catholics believe.  I sent my book and a reflection paper, written by someone who has a Theology degree and is Catholic, to a Catholic Diocese to look into this question, but they have politely declined to begin the process.  I will continue to look for other avenues to have the Pope look into this question.  The person who wrote the paper does not believe that it contradicts the faith.   I asked him if he would mind making his "private reflection paper" available to those who may also have this question and he said OK.  If you too are interested in this question you may want to read his
  private reflection paper (973 paragraphs) by clicking here. 
~~~ Janet Hurlow


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