In God's Love

7 - 10 FREE PASSAGES # 492 

# 492 Heaven and Hell

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus,
here is your spirit borne up.
To some who are of different beliefs,
we speak to you with no disrespect.
God loves all of His Creation.
This is the God of all.
Some think differently.
God has His own way of thinking, also.
We come not to condemn or save souls.
We come to speak the good news of God's Spirit
who is among you.
Think as you may think.  It is not our business to judge.
God is the judge.  His Spirit is all wise.
We come to tell all Earth’s people that God is real.
His Spirit is real. 
His blessings are real.
Those of you who are in doubt, be in doubt no longer.
When we tell you that Satan is real, believe it.
Have no doubt.
His power is great.  You are in great danger.
His Spirit is a spirit of lies and deception,
and his biggest lie is that God is not real.
His second is
that he is not real, and there is no place called Hell.
This is our mission.  We are sent from God.
His Spirit is reaching out to all people of Earth.
His kingdom is real,
and His order of things keeps everything from being in chaos.
He is, and He wants Earth beings to know He is.
What is our spirit telling you?
Blessed ones are the great joy of God.
He is so thrilled that those who are on Earth
are obeying His commands and living as He desires.
Faithful, little souls, it is so lovely;
brought in on wings of angels are the treasures of Earth.
Such treasures, vessels of pure gold, are seen in God's Spirit.
His Spirit has come to tell all people,
“He loves you and wants you.”
He is calling you out of darkness into His light.
He is telling you how you have been lied to
and deceived by a second spirit on Earth,
a spirit who is false and pretending to be God.
This spirit tells people that sin is fun.
He lies to you.
When you fall into his clutches forever, things get serious.
Then you see him face to face as he really is.

When you see God, you will see all love and peace and joy.
You will see all beauty
and have a chance to live forever and be young and healthy.
All pain and disease will be gone.
All hate and deception will cease.
Then, you will understand,
and there will be no confusion, no doubt.
If you listen to the evil one,
you will come face to face with hate.
Every scary thing will possess your being.
You will be unloved and uncared for
in a dark and confusing place
filled with foul odor and smoke.
Women will be raped over and over,
and men will find no pleasure in their attacks.
Satan will laugh and laugh.
So wickedly, he will laugh.
 He has no beauty, and he has no mercy.
Mankind will wish death upon themselves,
but there will be no more death.
People will say there is no God
because, for them, He will be no more.
His love will long for them, but He cannot reach them.
Those who do not accept God on Earth
will not be able to have Him when they cross over.
We grieve for those who are lost.
We do not come to save souls.
We come to bring the good news
and to help Earth people find the truth.
We come to bring God's Kingdom on the Earth.
In God's love. Amen.

This passage is from the book In God's Love  © Copyright 2010 Janet Hurlow. This book contains 532 passages.  This is one of them.   If you have received this passage from someone you may want to go to to make sure it matches the original and find out more about In God's Love.

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