In God's Love

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# 433 God Is as Gentle as a Soft Flower Petal

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Our song of God's love is for every creature under God's sun.
Everything God has made is a creation of great beauty.
All creation is made by God's Spirit.
He did all this with His own hands.
Behold what God has done.
God has brought forth every creation
with much tenderness and care.
Every one of His works is a thing of delight and wonder.
His music rustles through the trees
and makes the leaves come forth in early spring.
He has made the colors and shapes of all things.
This is a God of pure delight.
His precepts appeal to mankind's every enjoyment.
His nature is kind and gentle.
Look at a flower.
Turn it in your hand.
How does it feel?
Is it soft,
and rich in color?
How does that fragile petal make you feel?
God's nature is like that.
He is as gentle as the soft petal
from the flower you are holding in your hand.
He is such a delight and so much more.
Your God is an awesome Being.
His merriment is beyond what any creation has ever known.
Here is mystery to thrill you forever.
When you come to His Kingdom,
you will never stop finding adventure.
This is the fulfillment of all dreams.
We are His children.
We are His very dear ones who speak.
There is nothing so wonderful as our God
who delights us with His presence.

So why are we telling you this now?
This is the time when beings’ understanding has faded.
Those who are trusting in God's love are weakening
and falling by the wayside.
Many weep for their own, dear children,
lest they have made a grave mistake
of giving birth to souls who will suffer eternal damnation.
This is the time for children to understand parents
who weep and pray for their souls.
Come, they cry, come.

I gave you birth.
I love you and have protected you from all harm.
I clothed you and fed you.
I am your Father and your Mother.
It was I whom you first smiled upon.
I am your physical and spiritual provider.
I am your dear Mother and your dear Father,
the ones whom you can trust above all others,
yet you have turned your face from Me.
You have gone away from Me
and all the wise things I have taught you.
You have turned away from My protection and My love.
It is My desire, dear ones,
to bless you with all good things.
It is My desire to make a home for you
where you will have every comfort.
Every comfort will be yours.
I will protect you from all pain and sorrow,
yet you refuse My love for you.
Believe in Me.
Why do you not understand
that this is not the end of your journey?
It has only begun.
More is yet to come.
More is in this journey.
Take My hand.
Come to your Mother’s and your Father's heart.
Remember, dear little brothers and sisters of our family,
we love you.

We are the children of the most delightful Father.
Our Mother is so beautiful.
She is a delightful Mother.
We are not orphans.
Our lives are filled with the most wonderful well being.
Trust us.
We are here, and we want you to join us in our home of bliss.
Sisters and brothers you are called.
Very well you have been called our sister and brother.
It is God's will.
He takes His own,
and we are His children, real and true.
We each have a name.
We each have a personality.
We each are different,
but we all are God's children.
Such wisdom is sung in our soul.
We are here, small Earth beings.
We are happy that you are coming to live among us.
We bless each one in God's love. Amen.

This passage is from the book In God's Love  © Copyright 2010 Janet Hurlow. This book contains 532 passages.  This is one of them.   If you have received this passage from someone you may want to go to to make sure it matches the original and find out more about In God's Love.

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