In God's Love



 In the name of the Father and the Son 

and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Free Passages   In God's Love  by Janet Hurlow contains 532 passages.  Here are 10 of them you may freely download and read them at your leisure.  See if they resonate with your spirit.  You might even want to pray before reading them.  In God's Love is copyrighted material, however Janet Hurlow encourages you to share these passages with others, but please do not change anything, or charge  for sharing.  Please refer people back to this website.

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#   49  This Is More Wisdom 

            Than All That Is Taught: Pray,

             For Kindness Is In Speaking

             to the Ones You Love

# 207  Sirts

# 423  God Does Not Send Punishment

             on Mankind

# 433  God is as Gentle as a Soft Flower Petal

# 437  God's Nature

# 482  Death Is Being Released

             From the Clutches of Evil

             and Passing Into a New Life

# 492  Heaven and Hell

# 502  You Have Arrived Home

# 506  Go Out Among the Needy

             and Be One in Spirit as Jesus Did

# 508  Speak to God,

             Ask Him Whatever You Desire



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