In God's Love

What does In God's Love say about the universe? 

 In the name of the Father and of the Son 

and of the Holy Spirit. Amen

From the Preface of 

In God's Love by Janet Hurlow

Q       What does In God’s Love say about the universe?

Highlights God has made it all.  Right and strong are many worlds and many people God has made.  There is a Creator who is your God.  

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Can these little ones God has made be all?  Look at the heavens at night.  Has God made all this for no reason?  A God who has a reason for everything?  Such wonders are very real…Right and strong are many worlds and many people.” # 44

“Bless such a God who sets such mighty worlds in place and order and furnishes in many such righteous people in rest and beauty.  Such lovely beings, such as you cannot conceive, are in God's Spirit filled with music and rest.” # 144

“In all God’s creation, signs of life whisper with such beauty…In the cosmos, sung are the songs of each creation set with its own music.  In God's Spirit is unlimited beauty.  In God's Spirit is all wondrous delight.  Sing in this spirit on Earth, and all songs of creation are yours.  O small ones of Earth, in each musical setting, you will find great beauty and rest.” # 257

“Signs of life are in the Heavens beyond your sun, and there is a Creator who is your God.” # 323

“In God's creations are many saints.  His heart is the only source of life, source of blessed life, most pure source of life.”# 330

“Search as you desire, you will not find the end of the universe.”  # 522

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