In God's Love



In the name of the Father and of the Son 

and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. 

From the Preface of 

In God's Love by Janet Hurlow

Q       What does In God’s Love say about 

           riches, power and fame?

Highlights: Do not seek riches or power.  Promise of great wealth and power are Satan's games.  Wisdom is not in wealth, fine cloth, luxuries, well set table, things, but in seeking the true treasure of the Holy Spirit calling on HIm in suffering and temptation.  Share with others.  When you stand in God's presence of what value will wealth, possessions and power be?

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Security is not in Earth’s wealth.  O people who are not in God's love, rest is not yours.  See proud places, high and secure, seeking not God's love.  See the walls crumble and your possessions taken away.  This is the time of such sadness.  Rest, little ones of God, in squatters shacks and bamboo huts.  Rest in God's love.  Rise up, see your King's mercy and justice.  Rise up, put up your pots and feed your young.  Make your beds and lie down in such security.  Seek not the riches of Earth.  Not one shack or one hut or one dwelling in such love of God's in such a time shall see destruction.” # 99

“Such things as promise great wealth and power are Satan's games, and he is such a deceiver  and the father of lies.  Put no trust in such schemes.  Put no trust in sorcery, black arts, witchcraft and magic.  Very soon, such games lead to real terror on Earth and in the pit which is to come.” # 121

“O proud people who are above the poor,  put your hands in your purses and toss it in the streets.  This is of no use.  Cry, O people who buy and spend.  There is only one God, and, soon, you shall see.  Wisdom is not in the money purse nor in fine cloth and rich laces.  Wisdom is not in a well set table nor luxuries nor the clashing of metal.  Wisdom is in God and His treasures....”          # 124

“Silver was a god that would cloth and feed children.  In that day, fine cloth blessed the body, and such treasures presented the spirit as clean.  Such foolishness was seen on the Earth.  In that day, all failed.  Silver, in spirits, was not true wealth, and fine cloth did not make the spirit clean.  Neither did these things protect or save.  Those who sought the Holy Spirit and called on Him in suffering and temptation, they held true treasures.  Those who clothed the spirit with love and virtue were finely dressed and clean of body and spirit.”         # 294

“Trust no one but God.  His mercy and love will sustain you.  His Spirit will comfort those who keep Him in their spirit.  Those things as mankind treasure shall fail and crumble away on Earth.  From God's bounty shall come all the things the blessed of Earth need.  Trust not in money and things.  Trust not in silver and fine cloth.. . . Such things as the foolish worship are sent by the Father for Earthman's use.  All these things are from God.  In wise spirits, these blessings are seen.  While man uses the things of God on Earth, he shares with others.  Such inspiration is kind.  Signs of such joy are on Earth when mankind shares God's blessings.” # 305

“Cast out all your jewels and treasures of Earth.  All your fine rings and precious diamonds and pearls, throw them all away, for they are metal and glass, stones and silk.  But this is a true treasure not made of such things that cause such worry.  Only peace and comfort, health and peace of mind are in your spiritual blessing which comes from the Father.” # 311

“The hour is near when every person on the Earth must stand in God's presence.  What will be worthwhile on that day?  Will it be wealth?  Will it be possessions or power?” # 418


More information from the book that is not included in the preface. Do not accept small riches now to reject eternal riches later.

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