In God's Love


In the name of the Father and of the Son 
and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

From the Preface of 

In God's Love by Janet Hurlow

Q       What does In God’s Love say 

about Non-Christians?

Highlight: Respect each other.  God is the God of all.

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“Remember and understand that some things are important, while other things are trivial.  When you are speaking to God, some believe this and some believe that.  Some who believe are bringing  their hearts to God in such blessed love and kindness.  Keep on respecting each other.” # 443

“Brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, here is your spirit borne up.  To some who are of different beliefs, we speak to you with no disrespect.  God loves all of His Creation.  This is the God of all.  Some think differently.  God has His own way of thinking, also.  We come not to condemn or save souls.  We come to speak the good news of God's Spirit who is among you.  Think as you may think.  It is not our business to judge.  God is the judge.  His Spirit is all wise.”    # 492

 Click here to see the whole passage.   # 492

“His spiritual joy is in each one who has His love in their heart.” # 497

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