In God's Love



In the name of the Father and of the Son 

and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. 

From the Preface of 

In God's Love by Janet Hurlow

Q       What does In God’s Love say about living 

in a moral way?

Highlights: Do good, avoid evil. God is kind. God's saints are kind and gentle. Teach your children of God. God's children love to comfort and heal. Good deeds are classed and the ones done for the love of God are the best.

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“Do good.  Avoid evil.  Sing a sacred song and understand that God does not send you sorrow.” # 410

“Who are the blessed of the Earth?  The blessed are those who believe in God and do His will.  Those who love their Creator and love others of their kind.  They are sharing and comforting those around them.  They are taking care of the place God has given them to live.  They are being merciful to all of God's creation.  What a world it would be if all of the people on the Earth were very kind, loving and generous.” # 484

“Teach them (your children) of God” # 32

“In all God's children is this desire to comfort and heal” # 23

“Virtue takes you in such beauty. She is righteous.  No man who sings in her spirit shall sing in bitterness or regret.” # 25

“Your (God's faithful children) kindness keeps many souls from eternal sadness.  Your blessings have inspired, soothed and healed so mercifully.  God's Spirit has reached so wisely through your spirits.”      # 58

“God is kind.  This is written: ‘God saints are kind.’  Such comforts she gives, such healing of bodies and spirits while rudeness causes such pain in Earth's toil.  Cast out such rude spirits.  Seek kindness in a your undertakings.”  # 96

“Merit comes from good deeds performed in Earth's toil.  These deeds are written.  These deeds are classed.  They are sometimes done in the act of kindness for others.  Some are done in benefit of ones interest in someone else.  And some are done solely for the love of God.  Such deeds, done for God's pleasing are the very best blessings of all.  This is true merit and is called the kindness of mankind.” # 151

“You who comfort shall be comforted.  Rise up, most beloved of God.  Take such action.  Do not send the poor away hungry nor the sick unattended.  In all your ways, be kind and gentle.  Speak softly.  Be of good heart even in the presence of those who are not kind.  Such rudeness is hard to bear.  Understanding is slow.  Ask God to heal these wounds of unkindness.  Wise are you who seek this way.  Come, take this stab at the heart.  In God's love, soon, it is passed.  In such blessing are those who accept such rudeness in a gentle, patient way.”  # 285
“Bless and comfort, heal and serve on Earth, so that you may please your Creator forever.  This way is called, ‘blessed.”’ # 300


More information from the book that is not included in the Preface. Love God above all else. Work hard, smile, be wise and live humbly like your God.

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