In God's Love

What does In God's Love say about the messenger's missions? 

 In the name of the Father and the Son 

and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

From the Preface of

In God's Love by Janet Hurlow

Q        What does In God's Love say about 

the messengers' missions?

Highlights They follow God's orders to sift the saints from the demons, to harvest the crop, that is easily bruised.  They want us to know the truth.  At God's command we are being moved.  Earth is gone.

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“God is our instructor, and these are our orders.” # 68

“These are beloved saints who come to you to learn your ways.  Soon, many of God's dear Earth children shall come away with us because of this corruptness which has destroyed your world.”  # 199

“We have come to take God's loved ones into our world of sweet music.  This is the way of kindness.” # 200

“ Let us go down and gather the elect in God's Spirit.  The time has come to choose very well.” # 229

“Earth is gone.  You are being moved as soon as God reaches us.”
# 333

“Rising up is this blessed “Go.”  See this rising, O sons of man.  In this rising, such beings venture throughout Earth, sifting beings of Earth.  Bringing in saints, casting out demons.  Stop us if you can, leaders and rulers.  God's Spirit is not stopped.  Bring your weapons.  “Skip nothing,” are our orders.  This Spirit blesses us.  Real is our mission.” # 340

“Visitors on Earth, wise ones sent in God's Spirit, cast your nets upon the Earth.  It is in your signs.  Come, sift out and inscribe.  This is the harvest.  Gather the ripe fruit, songs of Earth, and bring it in…Tender is the harvest and delicate to the touch.  Sift out all the rotten.  Cast it in one heap and bundle.  The weeds to be burned.” # 349

“Sons and daughters of Earth, this is why we are here.  We want to see you forgiven.  We want to hear your name among the Saints.  Be so wise.  We are here to tell you the good news.  God loves you and desires your love.” # 474

“This is the reason we are here.  Children of Earth, we are here to instruct all Earth.  Our mission is neither to save nor condemn souls.  It is to instruct Earth beings on the options available to them. # 474

We are here, small people, to tell you that God is a kind and loving Father who cares for all people.  We are here to instruct the ignorant and heal the lonely and broken-hearted.  Beloved, we cannot save or condemn souls.  That is your choice.  We are here to bring God's Kingdom to Earth.  We come to tell the faithful good news, “God is pleased with His children.”  He is pleased with His own dear ones, and He invites all those who are sinful and sorrowful to accept His love.”      # 474

“....We are trying to guide you through this dense fog of things that are real and unreal, true and untrue, (on Earth) into a place where all things are true and real.” # 480


More information from the book not included in the Preface.. They come to instruct us about our options and to prepare the way like John the Baptist. Their last mission is Judgement Day.

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