In God's Love


In the name of the Father and of the Son 

and of the Holy Spirit? 

From the Preface of 

In God's Love by Janet Hurlow

Q       What does In God’s Love say about Jesus?

Highlights: Sacred Heart of Jesus was pierced.  God became man to satisfy for the sins of man.  Any one of His creations would have taken His place on the cross. God became a humble man to feel the feelings of a man.  

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"O sacred heart who was pierced with a lance and bled for man, such love is in such sacred music.  Such love is in these spirits who have mingled their blood with Christ's on the Earth.  In such love, Christ's suffering was comforted, while He bled and died on the cross.” # 114

“Oh sacred heart of Jesus, Oh, pure are the scars.  Sacred is the blood shed of such very sweetness as God in the very flesh of man.  He came to satisfy for the sins of man.  Saints of Earth, in your spirits, bless such a God.  Such love is in His heart.  In this, rise up, come.  With such love, God died in such agony for man.  Such a God… Most sacred heart, wounded on Earth, blessed Jesus…”    # 201

“In God's Spirit, Christ Jesus is the victim of sacrifice for your sins.  In this sweet Lamb is our God.  His Spirit is ever with you, small ones of Earth.  O sacred is our God.  O sacred is the Lamb that bled and died for man.  O sacred heart.  Sweet Lamb who bled and died in Earth’s toil.  Such a God.  This is so sacred.  In God is the wound of wounds that rests many spirits.  O such a beautiful God is our God.  In all ways, the Lamb, sweet Lamb, is God.  Righteous ones, it was a sad day here when the Lamb was slain.  In this time, any one of His creation would have taken His place.  Our spirits understood His love for mankind.  Such love in a mighty God.  Kindness could not be expressed.  Seen is the Lamb who was sacrificed for mankind.  Seen are the saints of Earth who are of the Lamb.  This is our inscribed in the Blood of the Lamb.” # 248

“Righteous ones, Christ Jesus is raising His spirits in His Spirit, and in His Spirit is God who is Christ.  And such suffering as comes to saints cannot stop God's Spirit.  In His beloved child, each saint takes this Spirit, keeps and cherishes it as his most prized treasure.” # 338

“Who was Jesus?  He was a King.  Did He appear to be a King while He was on the Earth?  Did He seem to be God among mankind?  Jesus became man.  He became man in spirit.  His Spirit was God, yet He chose to take the spirit of the poor, blind, crippled and the leper.  Who was Jesus?  Why did He not claim His Kingdom on Earth?  Why did He become humble as a sheep led to the slaughter?  He became man because He wanted to know the feelings of mankind.  He wanted to know what it was like to feel pain, go hungry, feel the cold wind, suffer and die.  Jesus went out among the homeless.  He became like a thief hanging on a cross.  He became a meek and humble man, yet He is God.  After Jesus did all of this, He was complete.  God knows everything.  He knew everything from the beginning of forever.  Yet He was perfectly happy, free from pain, free from Satan’s power.  He had to be a man, to feel as a man in His flesh and blood, to suffer and die as a man suffers and dies.  Then, God was fulfilled.  He was something beyond Himself.  His children had to do it, so He sang the sad song of humanity.  He sang in His creation.  It was a beautiful song He sang.  People of Earth could no longer look up and say, “You are God.  You don't know what we are going through.”  What a God we have.  He is kind and loyal to His Creation.” # 506

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More information from the book that is not included in the Preface.  Jesus taught you how to live, do it.  Christ pours out His Spirit. Christ Jesus is bread to be sought. 

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