In God's Love



In the name of the Father and of the Son

 and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

From the Preface of 

In God's Love by Janet Hurlow

Q       What does In God’s Love 

           say about Heaven?

Highlights: People who have loved God with all their heart, mind and soul and loved their neighbor are here.  Welcome home. Pain, disease and death are gone. Bathe in God's glory. Place of ecstasy, adventure, entertainment, no boredom. God understand all your desires and dreams.

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 “You will be like a woman who has gone through the pain of bringing forth a child.  You will hold your baby and not remember the suffering of childbirth. You will welcome the Spirit as you welcomed your child.  You will be filled with happiness.  You will be a zillion times happier than when you held your baby for the first time.” # 470

“Mom and dad are at the gate to welcome you home.  They throw their arms around you and hug you and kiss you with great tears of joy streaming down their faces.  All the relatives greet you and are so grateful that got you home safe.  Then you see your little brother and your little sister.  They are so beautiful.  They take you in and show you the great feast prepared in your honor.  This is you.  You are so young and beautiful.  You are so full of energy and life.  What happened to the old body? … You could not remember where you had been. Where you had been an old man didn't matter.  You wonder, “Where did the words “old man” come from?”  It doesn't matter.  This day, as the sun rises in the horizon, a free man walks this road.” # 502

 Click here to see the whole passage  # 502

“Very refreshing is the smell of roses and the song of birds to those who have been in prison for such a long while. God is freedom.” # 126

“That will be the day of rejoicing.  All pain will be gone.  All thought of death will be over, and disease will be no more.  So sweet will God's Spirit be.  He will bathe His children in His glory.  Those who are coming to the feast, sign you name…Blessed day, when you come to the feast clothed in God's love.”            # 440

“Blessings are upon those who are in God’s Spirit, those who have loved God with all of their heart, soul and mind and loved each other… These are the saints who will see God and live with Him in His place He has prepared for them.  When the children of Earth see God, they will never desire anything else again…The Spirit of God will fill each soul with such peace and joy as mankind has never experienced before.” # 514

“This is inscribed:  Man is weak on Earth.  Such beauty, man could not withstand until God prepares the eyes of the body and spirit for the King's loveliness.” # 88

“Here is the place of ecstasy.  Your well being is cared for so well.” # 425

“When you come to His Kingdom, you will never stop finding adventure.”            # 433

 Click here to see the whole passage.   # 433

“These people who are in Heaven are real people with likes and dislikes and personalities.  They sing and dance and laugh and cry.  They make decisions and mistakes, but no one sins or disobeys God, for they have seen Him for who He is.” # 475

“His Spirit never lets His children become bored or idle for entertainment.  This is a delightful Spirit you have accepted.  This Spirit understands all of your desires and dreams.” # 525


More information from the book that is not included in the preface. No grievance with people and wonder why you ever did. All reality is yours.  You are healthy forever and you will hear the Earth sounds as you have never heard them. Each individual makes heaven more interesting. 

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