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In the name of the Father and of the Son 

and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. 

From the Preface of 

In God's Love by Janet Hurlow

Q       What does In God’s Love 

          say about death?

Highlights: Soft is the symbol of death on the spirits of Christ's beloved spirits.  Glows of light shall rest your spirit.  Someone who loves you will comfort and reassure you that everything will be alright, because you have done well and God is pleased.

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“So soon, God calls you gently to Himself.  Softly, as the early morning light touches the darkness of early morning, and sweetly you rise in God's love, singing as the birds as you greet the dawning of eternity.” # 42

“A special place is prepared for each of God's children.  Such plans are made for your entry.  Such rest is sent so gently to your sickbed.  Very saints, reach God, so blessed and gentle, in God's love. “# 83

“When you see your God in all His glory, in such music, you shall be pleased, saints of God.  Such gentle sweetness shall reach your spirits.  Such soft, gentle glows of light shall rest your soul and guide you on.”    # 126

“Soft is the symbol of death on the spirits of Christ's beloved spirits.  Children are cared for in this symbol.  So blessed is this calling.  From Earth, they came bearing the scars of Satan's wrath in such courage, each one realizing such fear of death was a phantom of a child's dream.  Such things are not real.  Soon past and smiled at.” # 402

“Death, to those who are in God's love, is not death at all.  It is a passing into a new life as the child comes from the womb into the arms of a loving mother…Someone loves you and will be with you in your passing.  Someone who loves you will comfort you and reassure you that everything will be alright.  Believe this, small Earth spirit, there is nothing to fear.  All is well because you have done well and God is pleased with you.  In that hour, Satan must release his clutches on you.  So what is there to fear, except the power of the evil one?  You will be delivered into the arms of God.” # 482

 Click here to see the whole passage.   # 482


More information from the book that is not in the preface. No signs of life are in death.  Do not seek death.  Death is to seek anything less than God.

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