In God's Love


In the name of the Father and of the Son 

and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. 

From the Preface of 

In God's Love by Janet Hurlow

Q       What does In God’s Love say 

about Christians? 

Highlights: His goodness is in each Christian soul, bringing life to a sorrowful world, His very Spirit moves in these small beings.  Christians you have fought the good fight. Satan is no more in your spirit.  The crucifix is a sign of peace and Christ's victory.  You are wise to carry it in view.

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Sing and be glad, all you in Christ.  You are the blessed.  You have fought a good fight.  Satan is no more in your spirit.  In such victory, there is great celebration on Earth and in Heaven.” # 88

“Rise up, weary Christians.  Children of the cross, Christ calls you in.  White are your robes. Sweet is your spirit.  In such beauty, white and pure, are those who are in God's love.  Such jewels of rare beauty come before God's throne.  Such blessed flowers from the fields.  In sweetness,  in such sweet perfume, in such peace, in such blessedness, such pure white lilies are placed on the Father's alter.” # 102

“Cover your heads with ashes and weep for your sins.  Very blessed of God, this is not for you who are in Christ and have obeyed His rules in all ways and loved His Holy name.  Rest, put on God's spiritual beauty and come.  Christ calls you in.  Now is the time of your inspiration.”       # 109

“Wise are you to carry a blessed crucifix in view.  This is the sign of peace.  This is a symbol of Christ's victory.  This is a Christian symbol of peace in Christ.  In this symbol is peace for all men of Earth.” # 378

“Dear ones in Christ Jesus, we are pleased with your spirits.  You have loved with a love that has pleased your God.  No other people on the Earth has been as faithful as those who call themselves Christians.  What a brave, little group of Earth children.  They come in with blessings in their spirits.  They come before God with the battle scars of Earth toil, good and faithful servants who are blessing the Earth with their spirits.  His goodness is in each soul, bringing life to a sorrowful world…His very Spirit moves in these small beings.”  # 497


More information from the book that is not included in the Preface.  Wise, brave Christians take up their cross and are even willing to die for the love of the Lamb.  Christians are comforted.  Christians will be gathered up by saints of special quality.

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This Q & A comes from the Preface of that book which introduces the book with 25 questions.  For more information on the Preface click here.

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