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FREE  PASSAGES  Download some of the free passages .    Take a look at some passages to see if the book might resonate with your spirit.  The passages in these books contain wisdom, knowledge, truth, challange and most importantly tell us of a God of love who is our best friend.

Q & A The Preface of the book is a large Q & A section that introduces some of the major themes of In God's Love with the answers being quotes from different passages.  Some of the major themes are: creation, the universe, the messengersdeath, heaven, hell, freewill, suffering, prayer, God, God's love, Jesus, and being Christian.

Take a look at the titles of the passages.  The titles often quote a line from the passage they introduce.  Many are like a little proverb.  One can gain some wisdom and an appreciation of the depth and scope of In God's Love just by browsing through the 532 titles of the passages in the book.

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In God's Love

(All 532 Passages)
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Trade Paperback $ 23.99

Selections from In God's Love
(60 Passages)
Available in Trade Paperback 

$ 15.99   

   A letter from the writer Janet Hurlow 


          My son tells me that people will not be interested in religious writings.  He says that the words in the book were meant only for my eyes to see.  I was told in the book that the words are meant for the world to see.  God wants his little children to return to Him.  It has been so long ago so many things have happened since I started writing.  I know this.  I know that eyes should not be turned to the writer of the book.  It is the book that counts.  I am in this world and like all people I am  susceptible to sin.  I am not a mystic, nor am I " my God knows" a saint.  I don't pretend to have a holier then thou attitude.  I am just an ordinary woman who makes plenty of mistakes and if the book is judged on my reputation, then it will not pass the test. 


           I was frustrated and impatient.  I was trying to write and could not think of the proper words.  So I did a childish scribbling on my paper.  In those scribblings were words, words like "God loves you" things like that.  Then I scribbled some more and the answer came,  "Write in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen."  I was to write in the name of the Trinity.   Why?  Because my writings would be enclosed in the name of God and no evil would be allowed to infiltrate what I was writing and I was to end the message with "in God's Love. Amen."

          I asked, "Who are you?"  And they answered, "We are Rem.  We are from God."  The light formed around the words on the page.  In God's Love is not actually my book.  I just wrote what came to me.  They are God's message to a lost and sorrowful world.  The words are from an ancient place beyond my understanding.  They are put in prose as a psalm is written so they will be easy to read to earth with love from God.  Each one is connected to the other and sometimes the words seem to repeat themselves lest we forget the importance of the passage.

           The message tells us over and over there is a God who loves us very much and wants us to be with Him.  God is calling His children home!  Wherever the book In God's Love comes from, whoever  was chosen to write the words down is not the point.  Take a look at In God's Love.  The book speaks for itself.  Do not look to the writer who is just a human born into sin, one of God's creatures "is she" who is just as human as anyone else and not to be judged by human principles, but by God who created her.


          The book In God's Love tells us all, I and all of mankind, that we are loved by God and can reach Heaven if we turn to our God who is a forgiving God and tell Him we are sorry for our sins.  We cry out "Oh Lord have mercy on me"  and He answers us, "My child come to me I am a forgiving God who is patient and humble of heart."

                                     ~~~  Janet Hurlow


 THANK YOU Regardless of whether you order a book or not, thank you for visiting this site and may you always choose to live and rest in God's love.  ~~~ Janet Hurlow

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